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Mr. Dark. Would you do me the pleasure of joining me in my office, for a moment?

Or would you prefer I found you?

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The increased workload had finally got the better of Tseng, leaving him fast asleep at his desk. He was surrounded by stacks of paperwork, with one arm pillowing his head,and the other's hand still clutching his pen.

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I don't understand. Why has he chosen me? I'm not fit to be a parent.

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I thought you were taking care of him.


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Elena, I want you to take care of Miss Lockhart - more specifically the children. If she protests, ignore her. Keep watch for suspicious activity in the surroundings.

Reno - with the President, please.

Scarlet, I need a squad of S-MPs around the building, and I want those remote turrets on priority. I'll also need an STT 37-60 Tactical.

Rufus - business as normal. However, if you could minimise ..."unusual traffic", it would make things a lot easier.

Any questions or complaints, now is the time.


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[ A U T O M A T E D   M E S S A G E ]

There has been no input at this ShinRa terminal [#T6300SR Assigned: Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs (TURKS) {Personal Use}] for 13 days (312 hours). There is 1 day (24 hours) remaining until the user is registered as missing.

ShinRa Company employees are reminded that they should log in at least once a day to prevent such messages being shown unnecessarily.

Thank you for your co-operation.
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I think you and I need to have a little chat.
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*is waiting for Zack a little way into Sector Three, checking his phone for any messages*
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If anyone wants me, I'll be in Sector Three.

This is not an invitation to come along and disturb my work.

Sir, the item you requested is on your desk.

...I'll deal with everything else when I get back.

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Reno. Elena.

For the last time, there are no such thing as ghosts. You clearly weren't listening when I said that the report was written up by those imbeciles on observation in a fashion to indicate such a thing. It is obviously complete nonsense.

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